Audrey Mestre

August 11, 1974 - October 12th, 2002
This web page is in memory of our beloved Audrey Mestre, a great freediver and an even greater person...
Audrey, you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts.
We love you!

August 11, 2022

One more birthday without you. Years go by and your absence still makes me sad, my sorrow will end the day I go to meet you. I know they say that life goes on and in a way, that's true. I am here, I live, I breathe, I laugh, I travel, I take advantage of every day that dawns, because I am lucky to be alive. I liveā€¦..but without you who meant as much to me as any child to his mother. When you were by my side, in my head, I anticipated your life. Depending on your age, I saw you as an excellent student, I saw you engaged, I saw you married, I imagined you as a mother, I saw you grow old, but still being so beautiful, you took such good care of yourself, you took care of your skin, your body. I never got tired of looking at you, of admiring you, of loving you. And then everything vanished, your life was gone and with it a part of us.

But I know that you never wanted to cause us this immense pain, far from me, to blame yourself for leaving us on earth without you. Today is your 48th birthday and I don't want to be sad, I want to smile, I want to imagine you happy, surrounded by those who are now with you. I know that you are not alone and you will know how to take advantage of this day, you know that my thoughts will accompany you, that I will be spiritually close to you, just as you are with me on each of the best days of my life.

How can I say goodbye to you, if I can't even take you in my arms, kiss you, smell your perfume, feel the softness of your skin. I really can't let you go, I need you too much. I love you darling, I love you so much.

Your Mom