Audrey Mestre

August 11, 1974 - October 12th, 2002
This web page is in memory of our beloved Audrey Mestre, a great freediver and an even greater person...
Audrey, you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts.
We love you!

October 12, 2023

Twenty-one years since you left and I still want to call you to tell you about my disappointments, my worries, to talk to you like I did before, like we did when we called each other on the phone, when we exchanged emails or when we were together for a few days.

I can't get over the idea that all this only exists in my imagination, that everything is over. For me you are still here, I feel your presence, I know that you closely follow everything we do, everything we experience. You never miss an opportunity to let me know and each time I am surprised and at the same time delighted.

We just spent a month on vacation in France, I know you knew because you sent me some messages, but it doesn't hurt to tell you. Finally we were able to put grandma's ashes in the sea and I think that now she is with you, that the three of you are reunited again, grandfather, grandmother and you, like when you traveled to France to spend a few days with them, every time that you had the opportunity to do it.

Please continue to be by our side in every important moment of our lives, I need you very much for your support and your daughter's love. I love you my heart like the first day you were part of our family. I wish I could tell you personally, I have to content myself with writing it to you, even if this letter never gets off the ground to you. I know you are reading it, while I am writing it. I feel a presence behind me, you must be reading over my shoulder. I like to believe it.

Kisses my dear daughter.

Your mom.